Outsourcing has the prospects to be both good and bad for the economy. It definitely lies in the grey area where it can and has helped companies like IBM escape irrelevance and still be prominent but in the same vein many jobs are sent away to foreign countries in the name of profit. While I would not want my job taken away personally, I would in fact do it in order to save money and help me compete with other businesses if I was a Corporate manager. If taking into consideration small businesses like a local Doctor’s office or a law firm who send away transcription services that can cost them $25 /hr in the U.S. or paralegal work which can cost $50k+ a year, it is very beneficial to them and the government should not be able to curtail their efforts to make profit. Whereas outsourcing firms themselves can be shady if left unregulated, South Korea can still sell Brazil staples for 5c while we, who make them at home, can sell those same staples to Brazil for 50c. 


I Can’t Drive With These Things

Technology like Google Glass is a step forward. It may or may not be a step in the right direction. I think it will all depend on what Google Glass is used for. I am not a a big fan of voice transcription, since unlike Batman who has to snarl “On” when entering the Batcave (totally epic btw) I would rather physically turn the lights or computers on because talking to myself is completely freaky. I think it would have to be attached to the receptors in my brain directly for me to use it in a way that the video describes. If I can do that I am sure they can do other things with the receptors in my brain that shall not be talked out in this here “family” blog. Google Glass could be great for video conferencing, photography, running away from the police etc. though.

As always the great drawback when any new technology has invented throughout the case of human evolution has been porn. When Twitter rolled out the 30 sec video, people used it mainly for pornography. I could imagine the ways that Google Glass will be used for and a good 60% is probably going to be for pornography and invading people’s privacy. Its what we invented the Internet for. Copyright violations would be a plenty and Wikileaks would have a field day but even Einstein would question the need for this product today.


Privacy is very much a thing of the past like the right to information. I think a lot of people live their lives publicly and many do without even realizing it. Since so much of your personal information is kept on databases it was always easy for that to be made public. Things like employment history are in fact better of in public knowledge and it only makes sense that since this is public other facets of my life are also public as well like my credit history and my arrest history. I mean it is not like none of us have ever been in the back of a police car before, right …… Carson.

More scary than government access to my personal life is Corporate access to my personal life. The government is not really going to care about me and has certain things they want to spy on. Big MNCs would have their way with me since they know all about my search history, my credit history etc. etc. I could only imagine what Google could do in a relationship with Wal-Mart. Actually Marissa Mayer sits on the board of Directors at WalMart. If this means I get my Humpack Whale flavored Ice-cream coming out of big chesty midgets who are saying lines from Ridley Scott movies when you push a button, leave me out of it. All of it is very very scary.


Back in the early 90’s I remember walking in to a record store and buying some new wave cd’s like The Smiths and The Cure etc. when a snarky employee asked me “Are these for your older sister ? ” “No No, they are for me.” I have told this story multiple times and have gotten a smirk or a laugh at least a couple of times. I just wanted to say this now, because back in the day, we had no real way of test driving our products before we bought them. I did not know that 10 of the 11 songs in “Nevermind” stunk or a videogame was a piece of crap. I had to rely on friends or listening to the first 30 seconds of a song to decide. In ways like this online piracy has certainly helped us. Not that anyone who downloads would go out and buy the products if they happened to like them but since this is such an easy question to answer, I thought I would say this first.

Illegal downloading is certainly not a victimless crime. It is stealing and there is no two ways about it. You would be stealing from the developers or the producers or the artists or the software programmers. They work hard and when the returns are not that great, the great work also goes away. Nevertheless it is not like the twain have not met. Sean Parker former founder of Napster is now worth $2 Billion and once sat with Spielberg, Katzenberg and many more for a fundraising tech meet with Obama. If these titans do not care and neither does the president then why should I ? Sean Parker helped destroy the music industry and made billions stealing from artists. He is also ton the Board of Directors at Spotify. I’m just playing devil’s advocate, hell if Microsoft and Sean Parker can get along, I can steal from them. Makes sense to me.

This next image just shows how far the music industry has fallen since the advent of online piracy.


My Major

I am currently Computer Science, that is my major. I chose it because of its career prospects, not because of any great love for computers or anything. I am also 33 years old, car payments, mortgage payments, family money problems, parental money issues and other bil…WHERE ARE YOU GOING ? I AM STILL WRITING HERE ! This would be first bachelor’s degree. Back in the day when we walked to school, in the snow, up a hill, both ways, I could never figure out what I wanted to do so I chose Math. Now my math skills are gone and me being Indian, I could either only choose Comp Sci or “misallocation”. Better late than never.

Computers are what my career is all about. Programming tasks and database management would be my day to day activities. The job I would take would most probably have me working in groups on several projects. The field would also require me to keep up date on new technologies and new developments in the field in order to succeed. Well actually all fields generally do but this one even more so. I hope to do well and be taken seriously of course.

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was internet pioneer and activist. He was arrested after getting caught downloading 4.8 million articles from the MIT computer network and making them available for free on the internet. He did this because he believed that research  and other scholarly articles at MIT should be made available for all and it would be for the betterment of society. After a lengthy trial he committed suicide because of the penalties he had been facing.

Swartz was always talented. He was very active on the web even as a preteen building websites for himself and his family. He was also part of the coding team that developed RSS at the tender age of 14. He was also very much an activist. In 2008 he downloaded almost 20,000 articles from PACER and donated them to a open-government website. Since PACER’s contents are all a matter of public record, he did not face charges for them, however he did get the attention of FBI who now had started keeping a file on him.

If the FBI is keeping a file on you, you do not go do the same shit again. I understand what he did was in fact good but doing so is in fact a crime because it violates copyright laws. The penalties here are secondary to the fact that it is a crime that was in fact committed knowingly and willingly. Whereas the prosecutor did overreach and threatened to throw him in jail for 35 years there was an offer on the table for 6 months in jail. Instead of taking the deal he committed suicide. I can give one other example of someone else who also went to jail for disobeying a a similar copyright law. One of the guys in South Africa not named Nelson Mandela. If some poor and most probably illiterate person in South Africa can go to jail in an Apartheid system, if people can go on living as slaves or suffer under oppression of dictators or not commit  suicide during the Holocaust yet still fight back, he could have too.

Mental illness is like a broken arm. If you don’t go to a doctor to fix it, it will fester and rot and you can’t use it to do everyday things. That was his issue. If he was not mentally ill would he have still done this ? That same overreaching prosecutor is now prosecuting Dzokhar Tsarnaev. I hope she does well. That is all I can say.

Here is a quote from him “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

Oh I’m sorry that quote is actually from the movie Batman. Here is an actual Swartz quote “But you need not—indeed, morally, you cannot—keep this privilege for yourselves. You have a duty to share it with the world.” In my opinion he was just a Hollywood brainwashed idiot who used words stuff like cannot, should not and must instead of things like in my best interests or want to and like to be able to.

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