Snowden Leaks

What Edward Snowden did was heroic. He is a true patriot of the times. The Government had been/ still is raping the constitution for it’s own ends and practicing institutional and systematic human rights abuse. There is a whole entire paragraph in the Bill of Rights that secure our rights against these sort of things. The framers may have been slave owning, women/children oppressing people but hell if they didn’t see this coming. The government needs probable cause to search through anything personal of mine. Snowden’s leaks also have damaged America’s relations with numerous other countries which is fine because we are not a police state and all of our actions clandestine or otherwise should reflect that. Nevertheless, the whole thing is moot if it doesn’t even work. The Tsarnaev brothers still bombed the Boston Marathon, Drug Cartels still operate everywhere and corporate crimes still occur, so what the hell is the mass surveillance program good for.


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