Open Source

Open Source is a peer created knowledge and information network that powers itself through the use of free license to produce and reproduce materials that are used by a community at large.

Open source has many advantages and as well as disadvantages. One of the many advantages is need based reform and updates. If you were to take some software as an example, a person can add and change to it whatever he or she find necessary and share it with other people who also find these changes necessary while you could not do this to proprietary licensed software. Another major advantage is money. Open Source costs nothing and is completely free. The downside to this is that the community at large would be predisposed to making open source as a hobby rather than apply professionalism to the open source project because they are doing it for free and fun. There is also other issues such as too many cooks spoiling the food. Too many people changing the same software application could possibly ruin it as it could include biases and other incompatible issues. Technical support for open source platforms would also be another major issue because of the lack of professionalism that can be devoted when problem solving when a person is doing it for free rather than his/her job being dependent upon it. 



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