Government Shutdown

Like most people in my class probably, I had no idea the government shutdown was happening. However unlike most people I’d guess I could care less because stress. Everyday its the same horseshit. Today its this, yesterday it was the Syrian Civil War, tomorrow its ninjas trying to steal my precious bodily fluids. I could give a fuck. Its chicken little all over again and again and again and wait I think I’ve seen him before, yep all over again. I don’t want to read all the shutdown stories at all. I’m sorry if that is not very intelligent of me but it’s very hard reading bad news every single day. I have never liked fearmongering or preaching. I don’t want to preach and I don’t like being afraid all the time, so I’m not going cower behind my couch or stick a flower in a someone’s gun or whatever.




The government shutdown affects all. Every man, woman, child, beast everyone. It is the essential shutdown of all non essential government functions which includes things like loans, parks, museums and other federally operated institutions. This also means that government employees will not be receiving their paychecks. This would cost us roughly $55 billion a day. All of this is because of a pissing contest between Boehner and Obama over Obamacare. I think its funny because its a strike. Both the Democrats and especially the Republicans despise Unions because communism. So LOL.

These are also  several things that are not going to happen because of a shutdown. Military people will still get paid, the postman will still come give me my mail, President Obama will still give out social security checks for those who need and other government function like FEMA and Law enforcement will continue to take place.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) will however furlough 68% of its employees during the shutdown.


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Also NOTE: I’m brown but not Iranian or a terrorist.



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