Be Right or Be Happy ?

Not to be dramatic but I will anyway, everyday I drive to school and park in pretty much same spot. Everyday I do this. I like that spot. I don’t wander looking for it at all. I wanted to care about all of this and make it much different from my last post but I didn’t

When this story first broke I bought it. I was pretty much convinced that Obama had everyone’s best interest at heart as well as the fact people here didn’t want to be involved in another war that could be like Iraq and Afghanistan. That mindset lasted until this week’s blog article then it changed. It’s not as if I didn’t know, I knew that behind the curtains there is a lot more story but I chose to willfully ignore it. I’m not in my 20s anymore, I don’t have the spirit to do this.

Before I get to the facts, I did a lot research and thinking this week, as best I could, as to figuring what actually happened. There were a lot of questions that popped up in my mind. Should I prefer America as a sphere of influence rather than Russia or China or some other power ? Is it in the best interests for the Syrian people ? The rebels could just be another radical fundie movement. Didn’t we spray Agent Orange and drop Cluster bombs all over Vietnam ? Is it even remotely possible for a country to act selfless when it comes to another country considering that no country has ever done that in human history ? Did they constitute a threat to the U.S. or just our allies ? Would we intervene if this was Botswana ?


Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize

I mean this war isn’t some white boy show like Battlestar Galactica. Firstly there is a rebellion in the Middle East, which is VERY weird but okay, that’s cool and secondly these Rebels are apparently well funded and have access to gear, well alright that’s why they have a rebellion I guess and last America supports these Rebel warriors.

Neoliberals are just as bad as Neoconservatives. These guys want to start wars based on moral ideology and other make believe bullshit rather than for profit. This would not have been the first time the liberals started a war and wont be the last.

Assad, the leader of Syria, has been in power from 2000, since his father died. His father Hafez al-Assad had been vehemently anti-Israel and along with Egypt took part in the Yom Kippur war against Israel. This recent rebellion against the al-Assad family regime is but another one in a long line of them because him along with his father is a dictator. This rebellion which is part and parcel of the Arab Spring movement has taken a harsher toll on his government than the ones before. So this bastard decided to use chemical weapons on the rebels as a statement of authority and power. Whereupon President Obama remarked that if he did in fact do that he would “cross a red line”. Which meant bombs. He was then prompted to exit stage right while this matter would be reffered to a powerful congress of democratically elected officials who oppose dictatorships.


No, the American people as well as the members of the Congress which is an organization with legs would not go for it and did not let him bomb Syria like he wanted to because they represented no threat to U.S. national interests and America did not want to get into another long drawn out conflict. Obama himself has said in the runup to his first election campaign that “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” So he’s a hypocrite. There really was no real threat to the U.S. at all. The article I got that quote from really does say he lost a whole bunch of political capital because of this but somehow has won it all back again as this has become yesterday’s news.

The point here is not whether or not the President should have bombed them or not bombed them or even if a declaration of war should be made. A mere threat of war can be constituted as a declaration of war itself. It’s Imperialism. America has always been a imperialist country from its inception. Its was always going to be run by gangsters and assholes. Hear this, I’m not a scumbag, I get it, countries have to look strong or get walked all over by others. I’m with that, I’m hip but how the fuck does he get off playing this Hollywood widow character. Yes al-Assad is an asshole but we also used chemical weapons in Vietnam, have been overthrowing governments in South America (coup in Venezuela in 2002 and I think Haiti recently), situations in East Timor, Sudan and other parts of Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mars, my text messages, whatever.

Fuck you World for not giving me a choice between fundamentalist regimes sponsored by the U.S. or horrible dictatorships.

Of course I could be very incredibly wrong and Obama was just following the rules of war as stated by the U.N. and truly try to stop al-Assad from using the chemical weapons. You could not pay me to care less. I don’t have access to that curtain to see what’s behind it. Since this that.

I am truly sorry  for the wall of text and if I may have offended anyone reading this; all the paranoia and the nostalgia, its a trip down memory lane. God bless you lot for making me think about all of this but I’m not really that smart and I don’t really want to know. I just want to buy into this making war for humanitarian reasons again. I think I am so off the mark with this post I don’t really know. Peace Out.

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