sys-STEM Overload








STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is acronym applied to certain careers which have higher rates of growth than the other fields like Humanities, Business or Assistant to people who have STEM jobs. The fact that these jobs are in higher demand says that the world has a definite need for qualified scientists. The Chart also indicates people who have Bachelor’s Degrees have a higher frequency to choose STEM related careers rather than non-STEM related careers and people who have only have some college or just high school degrees  are routinely employed in non-technical positions. What this might eventually mean that people who have STEM degrees will only work for other people who have STEM degrees making sure a cruel and vicious cycle happens and continues. These technical jobs are resilient to unemployment because we live in an advanced technological world.

Patuwo, G. (2011, July 14). STEM jobs stay on the rise, reports U.S. Commerce Department. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Retrieved from


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