My Major

I am currently Computer Science, that is my major. I chose it because of its career prospects, not because of any great love for computers or anything. I am also 33 years old, car payments, mortgage payments, family money problems, parental money issues and other bil…WHERE ARE YOU GOING ? I AM STILL WRITING HERE ! This would be first bachelor’s degree. Back in the day when we walked to school, in the snow, up a hill, both ways, I could never figure out what I wanted to do so I chose Math. Now my math skills are gone and me being Indian, I could either only choose Comp Sci or “misallocation”. Better late than never.

Computers are what my career is all about. Programming tasks and database management would be my day to day activities. The job I would take would most probably have me working in groups on several projects. The field would also require me to keep up date on new technologies and new developments in the field in order to succeed. Well actually all fields generally do but this one even more so. I hope to do well and be taken seriously of course.


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