Back in the early 90’s I remember walking in to a record store and buying some new wave cd’s like The Smiths and The Cure etc. when a snarky employee asked me “Are these for your older sister ? ” “No No, they are for me.” I have told this story multiple times and have gotten a smirk or a laugh at least a couple of times. I just wanted to say this now, because back in the day, we had no real way of test driving our products before we bought them. I did not know that 10 of the 11 songs in “Nevermind” stunk or a videogame was a piece of crap. I had to rely on friends or listening to the first 30 seconds of a song to decide. In ways like this online piracy has certainly helped us. Not that anyone who downloads would go out and buy the products if they happened to like them but since this is such an easy question to answer, I thought I would say this first.

Illegal downloading is certainly not a victimless crime. It is stealing and there is no two ways about it. You would be stealing from the developers or the producers or the artists or the software programmers. They work hard and when the returns are not that great, the great work also goes away. Nevertheless it is not like the twain have not met. Sean Parker former founder of Napster is now worth $2 Billion and once sat with Spielberg, Katzenberg and many more for a fundraising tech meet with Obama. If these titans do not care and neither does the president then why should I ? Sean Parker helped destroy the music industry and made billions stealing from artists. He is also ton the Board of Directors at Spotify. I’m just playing devil’s advocate, hell if Microsoft and Sean Parker can get along, I can steal from them. Makes sense to me.

This next image just shows how far the music industry has fallen since the advent of online piracy.



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