Privacy is very much a thing of the past like the right to information. I think a lot of people live their lives publicly and many do without even realizing it. Since so much of your personal information is kept on databases it was always easy for that to be made public. Things like employment history are in fact better of in public knowledge and it only makes sense that since this is public other facets of my life are also public as well like my credit history and my arrest history. I mean it is not like none of us have ever been in the back of a police car before, right …… Carson.

More scary than government access to my personal life is Corporate access to my personal life. The government is not really going to care about me and has certain things they want to spy on. Big MNCs would have their way with me since they know all about my search history, my credit history etc. etc. I could only imagine what Google could do in a relationship with Wal-Mart. Actually Marissa Mayer sits on the board of Directors at WalMart. If this means I get my Humpack Whale flavored Ice-cream coming out of big chesty midgets who are saying lines from Ridley Scott movies when you push a button, leave me out of it. All of it is very very scary.


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