I Can’t Drive With These Things

Technology like Google Glass is a step forward. It may or may not be a step in the right direction. I think it will all depend on what Google Glass is used for. I am not a a big fan of voice transcription, since unlike Batman who has to snarl “On” when entering the Batcave (totally epic btw) I would rather physically turn the lights or computers on because talking to myself is completely freaky. I think it would have to be attached to the receptors in my brain directly for me to use it in a way that the video describes. If I can do that I am sure they can do other things with the receptors in my brain that shall not be talked out in this here “family” blog. Google Glass could be great for video conferencing, photography, running away from the police etc. though.

As always the great drawback when any new technology has invented throughout the case of human evolution has been porn. When Twitter rolled out the 30 sec video, people used it mainly for pornography. I could imagine the ways that Google Glass will be used for and a good 60% is probably going to be for pornography and invading people’s privacy. Its what we invented the Internet for. Copyright violations would be a plenty and Wikileaks would have a field day but even Einstein would question the need for this product today.


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