Outsourcing has the prospects to be both good and bad for the economy. It definitely lies in the grey area where it can and has helped companies like IBM escape irrelevance and still be prominent but in the same vein many jobs are sent away to foreign countries in the name of profit. While I would not want my job taken away personally, I would in fact do it in order to save money and help me compete with other businesses if I was a Corporate manager. If taking into consideration small businesses like a local Doctor’s office or a law firm who send away transcription services that can cost them $25 /hr in the U.S. or paralegal work which can cost $50k+ a year, it is very beneficial to them and the government should not be able to curtail their efforts to make profit. Whereas outsourcing firms themselves can be shady if left unregulated, South Korea can still sell Brazil staples for 5c while we, who make them at home, can sell those same staples to Brazil for 50c. 


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